MMJ Cards and IV Therapy in Coral Springs

The City of Coral Springs is an urban paradise of about 130,000 residents from every walk of life and medical marijuana is a hot topic with many of them. It is estimated that close to 5,000 Coral Spings residents have their MMJ cards. And why not? What was just a short time ago nothing but sprawling bean fields and cattle, is now one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida and what was once not possible in terms of medical marijuana availability is now possible through MMJ offices like ours.

Florida Medical Doctors Consultants at 7401 Wiles Rd. has become the go-to source for Coral Springs residents seeking MMJ cards. With the stigma being lifted and acceptance of the many medical benefits of medical marijuana, the only question many residents are asking is “How can I get an MMJ card too?”. Call (305) 290-1617 to get started.

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IV Therapy on Wiles Rd.

Art, culture, and nature, combined with some of the top-ranked schools in the state make Coral Springs a great place to live and raise a family. From Three Friends Park to the Coral Springs Museum of Art, there is always something to do in this town. But with all the sports, clubs and stressfulness of everyday life  - you may want to rejuvenate quickly with hydration IV therapy. We now offer IV therapy treatment to Coral Springs residents. Call (305) 290-1617 to learn more.

Getting Your MMJ Card is an Easy Process

The first step to getting you on the road to better well-being is registering you. This requires a valid driver license or Florida state ID and can take from 7-10 days. If you are renewing your card, this step does not apply to you.


New patients will be seen by Dr. Lubetsky, a physician with over 30 years of experience who agrees with what even the National Institute of Health (NIH) calls a drug that has explicit benefits to one's health.


Once registration has been completed, you can receive same-day approval and receive your MMJ card, it’s as easy as that. Once you get the card, you are required to be recertified every 7 months.


Coral Springs Residents Can Now Get IV Therapy

Sometimes known as a hangover cocktail, IV treatments are fast becoming a popular form of regenerative therapy. Some of the benefits you can receive from an infusion are:
  • Hydration infusions eliminate fatigue and nausea

  • Boost your immune system with the ultimate vitamin bag

  •  Our Immune Support cocktail can eliminate cold and flu symptoms. It also helps with COVID relief and travel fatigue

  • Hydrate your system and boost your metabolism with our fat-burning therapy

So whether you had one too many the night before at Panther’s Point or need an energy boost before fighting the crowd at Trader Joe’s on University Drive, we have the custom IV therapy to suit your needs!